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The project was conceived out of a need for change. The situation in Poland, where individuals with disabilities or reduced mobility are excluded from participating in grassroots sports or have limited access, is no longer acceptable. This is especially pertinent as these individuals represent an increasing percentage of those who view sports as a means to improve their health. Polish instructors recognize these needs and are open to adopting models from European partners who have developed tools and methods for the equal inclusion of all individuals in sports.

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We have prepared two videos from which you will learn how to take care of your own physical balance and how to help other people.
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Study visit at BEN’s headquarters in Courmayeur
– training, workshops, observation, joint work
In Małopolska, we work with European methods
– conference
Małopolska includes people with fewer opportunities in sports
– training, workshops and discution

We achived four objectives through the implementation of this project:


Enhance the competencies in building the capacity of organizations to engage in cross-border cooperation and networking.


Develop the ability to adapt training programs to the real needs of the market and the expectations of Polish grassroots sports participants, based on European methods and programs.


Improve the competencies of sports instructors in Poland in terms of cooperation and dialogue with education, providing guidance for development and introducing a European dimension at the local level, with particular emphasis on including individuals with fewer opportunities in grassroots sports.


Incorporate individuals with balance disorders into participating in grassroots sports.

Project in numbers:

  • seven experts from Poland and Italy
  • hundred instructors from both countries
  • 8 months of collaborative work
  • 2 couching conferences
  • 1 study visit

A lasting, tangible outcome of their efforts will be the educational film program “Keep your balance anytime and anywhere,” which was disseminated on the project website, YouTube, EPALE platform, and social media. Due to its open license, visual format, and English language, it is accessible without restrictions to all individuals with balance disorders and their instructors.

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